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The Rachelle Adrian Blog

Fetish Factory 

One of my new friends happens to be an actress/movie producer of independent films! She is a super cool chick with a lot going on just like me. We are currently discussing hang me and the band perform in her new movie Fetish Factory. I may also be saying a few lines as a burlesque dancer. Some of my songs will also be used for the film. Super exciting! Wish me luck!
Love, Rachelle xoxox

The scar 

No I don't have a lightning bolt on my forehead that glows when my arch nemesis is plotting his revenge lol.... A lot of people ask me "What happened?!!" when they see my tummy because I have a fairly large scar that goes across the left side of my abdomen just below the ribs. If I can remember correctly, my mom told me I was born with a diaphragmatic hurnia. My intestines went through the hole into my chest cavity so that my left lung was unable to develop. While they were deciding what to do my Dad went and got a doughnut and the minute he got back he had to sign papers to allow the doctors to operate. I had a 50% chance of living. I sometimes say "It's like, hey let's flip a coin to see if Rachelle is allowed to exist!" Sure enough, the doctors stitched me up and after six weeks in the incubator my left lung grew in (because I was 6 weeks premature) and I pulled out my own drainage tubes. The doctor told my mom "Well, she pulled out her drainage tubes, and she was right! She doesn't need them anymore! You can take her home." I think it's pretty awesome I got the good side of the coin and to top it all off I have lungs and a diaphragm that are good enough to sing with! 

Hey Mon!  

 So I'm guessing most musician's trying to make it in the music world have this in common with me...
I was texting my friend today and she was wondering how I pay for everything for the band. I explained that I have a few jobs and sometimes as many as 3 or 4! I tutor statistics independently and for a few different companies, I've sold my old clothes on ebay, I am a licensed massage therapist, and I even tried GoGo dancing at a couple places...It's expensive to advertise, buy merch, record, and master songs! Anyway, I was telling one of my stats students about all my jobs and he said "Hey, you're like that family from 'In Living Color' !" Here's where you can see the video of an episode of "Hey Mon!" (keep in mind that this was filmed quite a few years ago so it could potentially be offensive since it's a total stereotype :) But I don't see anything wrong with people who work hard). 


"Running" and my Dad Podcast

 My Dad is such a fan of the song "Running" it's so funny...I would almost get annoyed with him over it. I remember when I wrote it, not that long ago...

In August of last year, I was feeling pretty down when I wrote it, and I wasn't even too happy with the song. I immediately went to see my producer. He told me he wanted to hear it. He loved it and said we had absolutely had to record it. Instead of tracking vocals that day for another song, we ended up recording a scratch track of "Running" and creating some string and piano parts to go with it! What surprised me about that song is that we didn't even touch the structure after my initial scratch recording. We even left that little partial chorus at the end...

I showed it to my Dad when I got home and he loved it and asked to hear it at least two more times throughout the rest of the day. Then he asked for a copy of it to listen to at work, but I didn't want to give it to him until it was "finished" i.e. mixed and mastered... About once a month he would say, "When is that song going to be done?" lol patience is a virtue!

I kinda struggled with that vocal track...we redid the vocals two or three times! I think Michael Binikos (producer) was getting really frustrated with me. I was also frustrated because I knew I could do it better. Most of the time when singers say this it's BS but I think this was a special case. He said he would give me one last chance to sing it. I said "Thanks, Give me a week and I'll really practice it." Then one day I got in front of that big condenser mic in his home studio and let it out. He looked at me and said "Wow, you really redesigned how you sing this one!" I knew that I had it! We did a few more takes and then the vocals were done and done right.

My favorite part of recording this one was having my cello teacher come in and lay down some beautiful tracks in Biniko's living room. Claire Rydell and Binikos got along so well and it was just a very fun and relaxing day. The cello is probably my favorite instrument tied with guitar. :)
  1. Running

Good times... 

 Someone just asked me, how long have you been in the music business? My reply was:

you could say since I was 14 when I did my first gig at a coffee shop and I made $50 in tips, I was so proud lol...
I also remember drinking too much tea and going to the bathroom and sitting on the floor rocking back and forth hugging my knees trying to calm down before the show started hahaha like a kids version of being all drugged out before a show! rock and roll!!! But seriously drugs are bad mmmkay....also I almost never drink caffeine now, the most i can handle is hot chocolate